St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum Volunteer Guild

The Lighthouse Guild is made up of volunteers, Lighthouse members, and Lighthouse enthusiasts.  The Guild’s primary goals are to provide support and assistance for special projects other than daily volunteer assignments and to stimulate a cohesive atmosphere for all members.  The Guild is perfect for anyone who would like to become more socially involved with others who share a mutual interest in the Lighthouse, and also for those who share that same interest but have time restrictions and cannot commit to a regularly scheduled volunteer shift.

The annual dues of $30 per person will be held in a separate fund by the Guild to cover meetings and special project expenses. 

There are many benefits for being a member of the Lighthouse Guild besides the obvious pleasure of belonging to an organization rich in history.  Each Guild member will receive a free annual, individual membership to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, which includes a discount of 20 percent on all purchases in the Museum Store.





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