About the First Light Maritime Society

  The First Light Maritime Society is the
support organization for the
St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum,
a Smithsonian Affiliate, and the
Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program,
our research arm. Together we are the premier
maritime museum on Florida's Historic Coast
With a rich history that is linked inextricably to the sea, the First Coast has a remarkable story to tell - a story that continues to reveal itself with every ocean-held artifact that is uncovered. This dynamic combination - preserving the past while continuing to discover it - has brought the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, to a significant turning point. In looking to the future of both our institution and regional community, we are pleased to share the exciting vision that is already unfolding.

It is our intent to take our exceptional maritime archaeology program to national prominence, to expand the noteworthy achievements that have made the St. Augustine Lighthouse an admired model for historic preservation and interpretation, and to set a new standard for museum-based education - in other words, to create one of the finest maritime institutions in the country.

Working together, we can transform our coastal region into a renowned world heritage site to share one of the most fascinating - and oldest - chapters in North American history. In support of this collective effort, we intend for the First Light Maritime Society to become the signature institution that represents our community, our coast, and our state.

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